42.181612,21.032574 / Kosovo / Sharr Mountains National Parc

Brezovica from breza (serbian) / mështekna (albanian) which means birch (lat. betulla alba).

I spent my childhood in this place. There is where i learnt to ski when i was a kid in the '80s. Everything looked so sexy that time, the white or pastel pink lipsticks, the palm hairstyle, fluo lip balm and colorful ski clothes.

I was very excited to go to Sharr by summer, after 15 or maybe even 17 years, for the first time. And I was so sorrow to see how the place was looking like.
Basically nothing has changed, same buildings, same ski lifts ... but everything got old, unused, invaded by corrosion, shutters and windows broken...

The problem of Brezovica Ski Center is that it's in the South-East of Kosovo but it belongs to Serbia. By the way in the small village of Shtërpce (albanian) / Štrpce (serbian) and surroundings, Dinar (serbian currency) is still used.
So kosovars have no rights to use it, and serbians have no money and people to run the ski center.

This way, the Ministry of Trade and Industry of the Republic of Kosovo decided to sell the ski center to investors

When i was leaving this DEAD place, sadly, i almost started crying. Something from myself died with it. I also made the consciousness that I'm definitely never gonna find "la Madeleine de Proust" anymore, wherever I go. I'm not sure if i should blame Proust because he's a liar or should i blame society because they want to evolve in a bad way.

I was anyway glad to see that anyway there was still life... some birds i couldn't define, some ugly stray dogs...

And then i also saw an albanian shepherd with his more than 700 sheeps and his beautiful Illyrian sheep dogs also called Sharri Dogs (in albanian) / wikipedia article / Old youtube documentary in Croatian