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The art of performance is often considered as something new, but I believe it has been inherent in people since ancient times. Over time, performance has become confined to the stage, creating divisions between various societal groups. These divisions are a reflection of how some groups have learned to navigate expression within societal norms, while others have been hindered by these norms, often due to the complexes they have engendered.

A boy rolling around in mud serves as an allegory of the young unsullied peasant who explores modern life in a space dominated by asphalt and concrete. It's akin to removing a performer from the stage and its limitations, allowing them to engage with the architectural environment outdoors. A boundless and expansive space.

The project's objective is to encourage people to transcend their cultural and educational backgrounds.

MATTEO is a contemporary performer. There's a big gap between this form of art and other forms of dance.

ARIE DE F. is an art performer, representing an art that is not yet fully comprehended and remains outside the mainstream.

ARKADI is a contemporary dancer and choreographer. He predominantly explores his body through his work and life situations like protests.

ADRIEN after working with various dance companies, finally launched his career as a freelancer.