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Adrien used to live near me, but our paths never crossed. However, fate had other plans for us, bringing us together in Paris, his hometown.

As a young child, Adrien watched his older sister dance and began mimicking her. What started as a game soon evolved into a more serious pursuit. As he grew older, he dedicated himself to dance with greater commitment. Eventually, he pursued formal ballet training at the prestigious Ecole de danse de l'Opéra National de Paris.

Speaking of prestige, Adrien's remarkable beauty should not go unnoticed. His legs, in particular, stand out – they're hairy, muscular, and thick. Even when he injured his knee and blood flowed as he performed at Le Palais de Tokyo, he carried on as if nothing had happened.

After a decade of working with dance companies, Adrien is now launching his career as a freelance performer. In the midst of this transition, he's also reflecting on the broader significance and philosophy of his work.

To learn more about Adrien, explore his instagram.