A quiproquo is a misunderstanding in which someone is taken for someone else or something for something else.

It's crazy to notice how people need to be identified to other persons to exist by themselves. This way they also are able to loose someone's existence only by identifying others to other people.

For testing and proving how people might be superficial, i started taking pictures of me every day in the morning during a short period of 33 days. My contacts started giving me nicknames, which was exactly my aim. It became a game for them and they were trying for every picture to find the most particular one, and forget my real existence.
Although, my pictures from day to day didn't really change. I am almost the same in all of them. So the nicknames i was given, i'm not sure they're justified.

When the work as exhibited, visitors were invited to take a piece of me, one of my identities with them.

2009 / Photography / 33 Business Card format pictures